The Office Manager Solution (TOMS) is an enterprise platform that integrates all your office and business processes into a cohesive working whole. It replicates and automates your processes while checking for redundant activities that may be slowing down or reducing the efficiency of your business.

TOMS guarantees you a better managed business operations and will effectively bring out the best in your business, making it lean efficient, cost effective and highly productive

We at BisCom TDigits appreciate the uniqueness of individual company’s business processes and so TOMS is designed to meet your company’s needs.

Most business solutions are created with the notion of ‘One size fits all’ but that is not the case with TOMS as our solution is created with flexible modules and sub modules that conforms the solution to fit in perfectly into your industry. And with TOMS, you don’t have to wait for the next update before your expected request are implemented on the solution.

The Office Manager Solution, The One Office Solution that turns time from your competitive foe to your working partner.