Our Products are grouped into the following suites of offerings:


An end-to-end web/portal-based educational management solution for institutions of higher learning, that provides a platform for institutions to deliver key educational services such as a Registration Management System...

Office Manager

The Office Manager Solution (TOMS) is an efficient solution tool that integrates all business and project processes and activities within your organization into a cohesive working system.


Customized, integrated suite of applications that provides a platform for the public sector to manage their various business processes. This suite of applications include an Internally Generated Revenue Management System.


Suite of offerings with over 20 applications that provides a universally accepted platform for consumers, using their mobile phones, to transact their everyday business.

Enterprise Portal Applications

Our Rich Internet Application (RIA) Solutions are developed by our Oracle, JBoss and Microsoft Certified engineers; employing open standards Enterprise Portal Server platform, builton Microsoft’s .Net Architecture as underlying framework to deliver our solutions

Mobile Applications

Our Mobile Technology Applications are built on trusted Microsoft .Net and Java development frameworks. A 3-Tier architectural design and encryption and identity mapping is employed to ensure: