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We’re using software and information technology to improve the human experience in business, government, education, lifestyle and more than you can ever imagine. Here's why we are different: Great things start as dreams and then they become stories. We believe that businesses and government institutions in Africa can become their very best with technology. This is in fact what really matters. And for us, every moment offers the chance to become the right brand that would make that impact; a team that is able to pride itself as an enabler of businesses and industries; a “go-to hub” when tech solutions are needed to make improvements in any aspect of human endeavour... Join our team. Find your role here:


Innovation and Youthful Drive are the values that enrich the members of our Creative team. The Creative department is very significant to our brainstorming sessions on product and branding, meetings and projects that demand collaborations with the Tech and Operations departments. Do you have that strong creative drive? Let’s change the world together.   Join Us

Tech and Support

It’s more than software development and writing codes, the Tech is a room of thinkers, solution providers and intellectuals. Our tech team forms the foundation of our brand as a SaaS company ready to transform how business is done in African industries. Can you change the world with technology? Let’s make a formidable team.   Join Us


Right from business, management, customer relationship to quality service delivery our Operations department is our powerhouse. Proactive members at BisCom Operations keep the company running and agile ensuring that we are able to serve our major purpose in business: Deliver Quality Services to Our Clients. We would love to have you join our team.   Join Us


Today we have empowered over 54 businesses in different industries of West Africa as well as Government institutions with the appropriate software and ICT solutions they need to stay agile and relevant in a competitive environment.

We’ve seen and encountered many business situations that were termed “impossible” but with our team resilience we’ve been able to flip the scripts.