Our distinguishing factor lies in the model in which we deploy our solutions to institutions

Software as a Service-Provider (SaaS), using an “On-demand” pricing model

In today’s business arena where institutions want to focus and appropriate essential resources on their core competencies, improve operational efficiencies and reduce their Total Cost of Application Ownership; outsourcing of business functions has taken centre stage. This phenomenon has elevated companies from their poorest state; our SaaS model is designed to make a similar financial and operation impact to our customers.
Our SaaS model saves institutions from the costs of purchasing exorbitant IT software and infrastructure; but rather, these items are paid for by end-users of the software on a Pay-as-You-Use basis. Thereby transforming institutions IT cost classification from a fixed cost to a variable cost.
Our strategic IT Infrastructure Partners provide the necessary infrastructure needed to support our software solutions. Our business model’s value added propositions, categorized as follows:


  • Focus on core business
  • Enhanced services and productivity
  • Optimization of IT assets
  • Access to latest technology
  • Assured IT reliability


  • Risk sharing
  • Lower operating costs
  • Predictable IT costs
  • Access to revenue stream creating platforms
What We Do

We are primarily a technology firm, leveraging on Enterprise Portal and Mobile Phone technologies, to develop bespoke application software solutions for institutions and consumers across various industry verticals.

Our Capabilities

Our Rich Internet Application (RIA) Solutions are developed by our Oracle, JBoss and Microsoft Certified engineers; employing open standards Enterprise Portal Server platform, builton Microsoft’s .Net Architecture as underlying framework to deliver our solutions

Our Standards

We form Strategic Alliance Partnerships to provide a One-Stop-Shop of IT suites (including IT infrastructure) to support the solutions deployed to our customers.

Why BisCom TDigits Limited

Our technology is rich in architecture and user-experience
Our Quality Control processes is unassailable and well tested
Our solutions are developed by experienced Microsoft .NET architecture, Oracle, JBoss and Microsoft Certified Technical Experts.
Our projects are delivered by our PRINCE2 Certified Project Management Team
Our Business Model is ideal for institutions in emerging markets; given its minimal or zero upfront costs and its social and economic impact capabilities.
Our end-user experience and satisfaction are critical benchmarks in which we are measured.
We have endowed Quantitative and Qualitative capacity reinforced by relevant training.
We enjoy extensive support from our strategic alliances; providing a One-Stop-Shop for IT suites.
We place great emphasis on research and development.
We are guided strictly by our core values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

To become the foremost technology solutions provider in emerging markets, dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality of service

Our Mission

“We aim through the use of cutting edge technologies, a highly skilled, motivated and passionate work force to surpass customer expectations, while creating and maximizing stakeholder values.”

Core Values: P.I.C.T.